Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

It's fun to remodel a room in your house, especially the kitchen. Looking through example kitchens in magazines and touring kitchen showrooms is a wonderful idea to get a sense of what a dream kitchen could look like. Until you see the price tag of a new kitchen, cabinets can be very expensive, especially if you are considering custom cabinets. A great way to cut some cost but still achieve the look you want in the kitchen is to reface your existing cabinets. Below, we have listed some of the benefits to refacing your existing cabinets.


Refacing your existing cabinets is much cheaper than purchasing new cabinets. Typically, the cost of refacing your existing cabinets is about half of what it would cost to replace the cabinets. If you are pleased with your current layout in the kitchen and simply want a fresh look, refacing your cabinets may be the best option for you.

Eliminates Waste

If you have existing cabinets in place that are of good quality, it does not make sense to tear them out of the kitchen, especially if you are happy with the placement of the cabinets. Over time, cabinets begin to look dull and dingy from regular use and build up a layer of dust and grime from the kitchen. Refacing the cabinets can give your kitchen that sparkle again. Plus, you will be saving good quality pieces.

Great If You Love Your Countertops

If you have countertops in your kitchen that you love because of the piece of granite or quartz you have, changing your kitchen cabinets is a risky task. Not only will removing your existing countertops void any warranty you may have had, it is incredibly risky and even the most professional and experienced workers cannot prevent cracks and damage to the countertops. Refacing the existing cabinets can allow you to keep your loved countertops and still give your kitchen a new look.

Plenty of Options

Refacing your existing cabinets still gives you plenty of options for colors and finishes. You are able to choose from any color of veneer, the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can always add on additional features and moldings to make your cabinets look completely new.

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