Tips For Choosing Kitchen Cabinets That Complement Your Countertops

Gorgeous countertops can dramatically improve the appearance of your kitchen, but only if appropriately matched with other elements. As one of the most extensive surface areas in your kitchen, existing or future cabinetry should be a chief consideration as you select your dream counter. Not sure how to choose complementary counters and cabinets? Keep these simple suggestions in mind:

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors for your counters and cabinets will quickly make your kitchen pop. For example, if you opt for dark granite counters, balance them out with lighter-colored cabinets. Conversely, dark cabinets look lovely with quartz counters. If you're daring, you can infuse pops of color into both elements of your kitchen. Many homeowners adore their soft blue or bright yellow cabinets, particularly if combined with muted grey counters.

Matching Style

You may choose opposite colors, but the general style for your counters and cabinets should match. Cape Cod cabinets just don't look right when paired with futuristic counters. Determine your kitchen's theme and choose cabinets accordingly. Texture is equally important; sleek counters look wonderful with equally sleek cabinets. 

Keep It Simple

With cabinets, simple is usually best, especially if you're looking to complement existing counters. Save all intricacy for the backsplash or other areas of your kitchen.

Choose Cabinets First

If you plan on redoing your entire kitchen and scrapping both the existing cabinets and counters, select cabinets first. They will arguably be your most expensive kitchen investment and will last the longest. Find a cabinet style you adore and then select equally beautiful counters in a similar style but contrasting color.

The right combination of counters and cabinets can completely transform your kitchen. Aim to contrast colors, but not textures or themes. The right choice will ensure an absolutely stunning kitchen, making it far easier to select backsplash, appliances, and accessories. For more information on choosing custom cabinetry for your kitchen, contact the kitchen remodeling experts at Extraordinary Kitchens today. 

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