2017 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

If your kitchen is sporting a chipping countertop or appliances that are barely functional, it is time to take it into 2017. There has never been a better time to trade out the old for the new with the advent of some exciting kitchen remodeling trends.

A Return to Simplicity
Simplification and strategic organization are key components to this year's kitchen trends, which are both rooted in minimalism. This lifestyle of decluttering is not only fiscally responsible but also experiencing a spiked popularity amongst millennials. Tossing out countertop clutter and keeping only the gadgets you use will make your kitchen look cleaner and bigger, optimizing even small spaces.

Quality over quantity is being pursued in 2017, with the multi-gadget craze of the previous decade cooling down in favor for key appliances that you truly value. Think clean countertops and installing optimal storage cabinetry to tuck away anything not in use.

Warmer tones
The early 2010's industrial look of stainless steel and cold granite counter tops is slowly making way for warmer, earthy colors and brassy metals. You will also see sophisticated pop colors like green or mustard making an appearance throughout the kitchen to add a bit of variety. Organic materials like wood, wicker, bamboo and cork are also coming into play, with terra cotta tiles also adding a delightful earthen hue to previously metallic kitchens.

In conjunction with these warmer tones, eliminating unnecessary sounds is becoming more in demand. Consider installing new cabinetry with soft-closing hinges that eliminate the nuisance of slamming cabinets to complete this return to simplicity and friendlier hues.

Incorporating Technology
Though the outward aesthetics of 2017's kitchen is returning to natural elements, the need to accommodate technology is growing. A technology-friendly kitchen equipped with built-in charging stations for cell phones and tablets is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. Convenient shelves that are designed to hold portable devices keep online recipes close and off the counter where they can get damaged.

Are you ready to take your kitchen into 2017? If so, contact Extraordinary Kitchens for all your kitchen remodeling and custom cabinetry needs.

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